TECHNICAL SPRING deals with springs and small metal parts for the industry. The Management considers the Management System to be a key element of its strategy and promotes its values at all levels of the organization. The understanding of these principles is necessary in order to incorporate the essence of our company, therefore we consider a brief explanation to link them in context.

INTEGRITY: we are transparent in all our business dealing. We are accountable to our team members, costumers and providers for achieving our goals while protecting our reputation.

RESPECT: we treat all people with dignity and respect; we believe that the differences in mentality, experience and culture are a precious asset. We create a healthy and safe workplace, observing all applicable European, national and local legislation, related to the aspects that regulate the safeguarding of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in the workplace, including the commitment to prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. The regulatory aspects, together with the voluntary ones, provide the guidelines for establishing and reviewing the environmental and corporate objectives and goals: for this reason, the company is committed to obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

IMPROVEMENT: we work as a team to improve ourselves every day, translating our Management System into a plan of defined and measurable objectives for all levels of the organization:

1. Reasonable and constant improvement of environmental impacts that could have negative consequences on health and safety, thanks to the involvement and awareness of employees, always and constantly trained and informed, so that they adopt behaviors appropriate to the various activities. The same training and awareness will be extended to all the people who work on behalf of the company and also to them the Management System will always be made available, as interested parties. The problem of managing Quality and Environment in the company is everyone’s problem, which must be faced with a systematic “team work”.

2. Constant verification of business processes to minimize the environmental impacts generated by them, using plants that fully comply with all current technical and legal standards, always preferring the best available and economically viable techniques, including workplace ergonomics which it must be pleasant and comfortable without losing productivity.

3. The products and the logistic activities are fundamental for the quality and the competitiveness of the products / services of TECHNICAL SPRING: therefore we will try to carefully select the suppliers based on their technical, qualitative, organizational abilities and for their ability to respect and protection of the environment and health and safety.

LEADERSHIP: the Owner disseminates and supports the commitment to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve its effectiveness. We privilege a corporate culture based on the “chain of support” rather than on the “chain of command”, trying to help each other. The Quality, Environment and Safety Policy is periodically reviewed during management reviews in order to assess its continued suitability, also in the light of all improvement programs. The Quality and Environment Manager (availing himself, when necessary, of the support of external specialist bodies) takes steps to control and verify the implementation of the requirements relating to the Quality and Environment System.

COURAGE: we have the courage, as individuals and as professionals, to do the right thing and to dare, despite knowing that this can lead us to successes but sometimes to failures. We make decisions and act. We don’t admonish those who are wrong, but those who refuse to learn

The Owner undertakes to make available means and resources appropriate to the objectives and targets set, in terms of competence, equipment, information, economic and financial resources, constantly monitoring their adequacy. It also promotes a methodological approach focused on the systematic collection of data and on their timely analysis.

Being consistent with these values will make us have great success with our customers and suppliers. Our team members will perform the highest performance in the industry and our company will be able to have people prepared aimed at contining the journey to a better future.

This is the company that the Technical Spring can become.