We have been working on springs since 1986, and in  so many years of experience we have built a reality capable of providing technologically advanced products serving the small, medium and large industry.

Which deals with the most diverse areas of use. Always mindful about the quality of the materials and the production process, flexibility is by far our best feature. Over the years we have learned to meet any customer’s requirement.

We know how to make special particulars based on the customer’s design. This means that there are no limits in the variety and in the application of the springs for us and, starting from some technical advice, we help you in the creation, even from a drawing

To meet any request, in the name of a particular technical requirement so that every spring can meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Sensitive to any innovation process, we have always distinguished ourselves from the market for the quality of our products. We believe in great commitment, in experience and, above all, in flexibility.

The way we work

Careful about quality and accurate in the processing/workmanship, we have established consolidated business relationships over the years with prestigious companies, in many different industrial sectors both in Italy and abroad.

We like to design special assembly of springs together with the customer making sure to provide the best solution. We speak your language, whatever it is, because we basically produce quality springs for all the industrial applications.

We keep all types of quality yarn and material in the house for the production of any kind of spring you want. Our constant is continually adapting to technological development to meet any customer’s need.


Special Packagings

We specialize in protective packagings, able to facilitate the transport of our springs and, for some time, of metal small pieces.

Our springs

They are available in traction, compression, torsion or shaped and ribbon types. Produced with 0.15 to 16 mm diameter wire.

The materials used are both ferrous and non-ferrous. The range of thermal and surface treatments is able to cover all the building requirements.

We are able to study the design that suits the most varied needs, because we have formed many people over the years and have come across so many applications that we are sure to know the springs in the many facets of your application.

Also assembled with other materials to meet particular needs, sometimes capable of solving important problems.

At the customer service

In the name of quality, design and everything around the springs world.

The application areas of the springs we handle are infinite, such as the type of Clients.

With everyone we know it is an important point of reference, capable of responding best to any project.

And our experience allows us to provide the best solutions for even very specific needs.



Dimension (WxHxD)

74 x 58 x 10.5 mm


0.205 kg or 205g


On-Ear Headphones


Bluetooth® Smart Touch Control (Play / Pause, Song Movement, Volume Up / Down, Call Receiving, Call Rejection)



Packaging Contents

Carrying Pouch, Audio Cable, micro USB Cable



Bluetooth® 3.0



Wireless Range

10 meters

Audio Streaming





Because it means safety and compliance with the expectations of the industry.  We strongly believe in it and that’s why we’re waiting about the 2018 certification.

It means that the quality of the products is important to us and the certification is a guarantee to our Customers.


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